Best Link Building Tips for SEO's

Different webmasters have different views on this topic. But as far as my view is concerned, all links are effective to some extent.
If you generating all links to your website from a single domain, you are taking the risk of losing all backlinks in case that website gets down or they remove links for your website for some reason. So I would suggest keep on getting links from different domains. In case, you lose backlinks from one domain, there are links from other domains available to support your website.

 I'm sharing you top 5 link building tips that really works for all seo's: 

  • The first process will be trading links with other website owners and bloggers in your niche. You simply have to get in touch with other website owners and bloggers in your niche and approach them for link exchange. In this process, you will be placing backlinks for their website on your website pages and in return, they will be doing the same for your website pages.

  • Create blogs on different blogging websites around your website products and services. You can build lots of quality one way backlinks for your website through blogs. But you should make sure that you are using unique content to update your blog. And make sure, you are updating your blogs with fresh content on regular intervals.

  • Create some quality articles and submit them on article publishing websites. You can get links in body as well as in resource section with most of article publishing websites.

  • Next step will be sharing contents from your website or blog on popular social bookmarking websites. Some of most popular social bookmarking website one can try for link building purpose are Digg, delicious, Reddit, Mixx and Stumbleupon.

  • Twitter and facebook are the latest trend in social media. Make maximum use of them by sharing interesting stories with your friends on Twitter and facebook.

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