Cool and Creative Computer Mouse

A mouse is useful computer peripheral which allows a person to easily navigate on screen without remembering keyboard shortcuts. It is the input device used for pointing and function selection.
Computer mice come in many shapes, color and sizes. They brighten up a drab computer table. A wireless mouse is commonly used now-a-day because it cuts down the number of annoying cables and gives you freedom.
It doesn’t matter whether you are using optical mouse, ergonomically correct, or wireless. They all are doing same work but with little difference.
If you want to introduce a new look of your computer then this list will help you. It gives you many good examples of computer mice which are very creative, cool, and light weight .In this list we are sharing very creative and funky mice for technology lovers.

Tortoise-shaped optical USB mouse

Creative golf mouse

 Eclipse touchmouse

Mus2 Computer Mouse

 Wireless Mouse – Camaro Black

 Golf 3D USB Optical Computer Mouse

 Handshoe Mouse

 Cap Mouse

 Real Computer Mouse

 Gold Brain Computer Mouse

 Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights

 Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse

 Optical Mouse Skype Hands-free PC Speakerphone

 Makeup Mouse

 Ghost Mouse

 Bling’d Out Mouse for Girls

 Mario Brothers Mouse

 Wireless Building Block Mouse

 eVouse Mouse Concept

 The Computer-Mouse Star

 Wooden Mouse

 An Alien Mouse

 Bendy M 3 Dimensional Mouse

 Dolphin computer mouse

 Diamante USB Mouse

 USB Penguin Mouse

 Zero Mouse

 Body Mouse

 Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

 Grenade Mouse

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