How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate

Be it a new starter in the World of blogging or an SEO every one loves their audiences if they stay in your website for quite a long time, right?
So let’s check out some tips about bouncing rate and ways to reduce the same. Have you ever heard of Tigger? No, then tigger is basically the springy tailed, lovable faced and a bright striped face which sometimes makes an annoying voice, so let’s take an inspiration from this and proceed.

Don’t clutter with unwanted Stuff

Be it a welcome tune, a densely colored theme or even the boring videos tight at the upfront of your site’s welcome page might be very annoying and this may cause increase in the bounce rate as user may never return to the website based on the observations about theme, boring videos and also the welcome song snippets should never be there as some may like it while some may hate the same. All this constitutes the theme tune. So keep in mind before setting up the above preferences.

Increase web page rendering speed

Most of the users use slow internet connections, so always try to keep the content in the website accordingly so that the web page loads pretty quickly and the user can find his related articles very speedily and easily. If your website is light on system and loads quickly it leaves an impression that the consumption of data is very less and is also complemented with the relevant information then he will return back to your website again and again.

Provide instant queries to the questions

Once any user leaves a comment or asks you out for help then try to be responsive rather than leaving it for some time to comment back on the query. This phenomenon will attract users as it leaves an impression that the query is being solved almost instantaneously. So, next time when a user or a reader needs an urgent answer then he will land up on your website for solving his query.

Plan your layout

The layout of the website is the primary and the most important criteria for the attraction of readers so as to avoid the bounce rate. Try to set a layout which is simpler and lighter so that user finds the information which he wants it very easily. Don’t use dense themes, cluttered interface and hard to use options and also make sure that you have a search box right there on the top most part of your website because if he doesn’t find the information which he is searching for then he will make use of search box to dig the information out easily as sometimes important topics or queries of the readers gets pushed back in the list of articles.

Keep them interested

Its very important to tickle the content so that the content is appropriate for the end users, so always choose a character for your website which is lovable to all which is an important aspect to keep the audience with you. More importantly always choose the right set of simple keywords so that your article comes up in search engines when users key in their problems or issues which I think is the main motive of almost every website.
So, with just simple five techniques which is mentioned above you can keep up the traffic and also can ensure that bounce rate is reduced effectively.

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