Stop Facebook From Using Your Name and Profile Photo In Facebook Ads

The superpower in the social networking world is undoubtedly the “FACEBOOK”, as it is not only the most popular site but the efficient one also.
The basic rule for publicity is that everyone should know you if not have seen you, so is the case with Facebook. It has overflowed the marketing or the publicity area with its advertisements.
The Facebook is so much concerned for your privacy that it has barraged the privacy setting which on one end is there to protect you as a China wall but on the other end also denies you to add your best buddy. Not only this it on one stone tells that you should protect your privacy but on the other itself reveals you.

Shocking!!!, It was also for me too when I saw a profile as a Facebook advertisement. I then dig a little and came to know that Facebook itself makes you agree in its privacy policy.

Most of the Facebook users or should I say almost all don’t read the privacy policy and terms and conditions clause and don’t know how Facebook is messing with their profile.

One way Facebook is compromising with your privacy is that once you are a Facebook user then Facebook will start using your photos in Facebook’s social ads that will appear on the profile page of your contacts. It’s legal {you won’t believe} and it is mentioned in their Privacy Policy when you create an account with Facebook.

Most of us are so ignorant that we never notice this mishap taking place with us. But there is a solution also that you can use if you feel that you want to have full privacy and don’t wish to allow Facebook to use your profile or photos in promoting their services in any way. Check out how you can stop Facebook From Using Your Name and Profile Photo In Facebook Ads. Just follow few instructions and feel safe while using Facebook.

1. Go to your Account Settings > Facebook Ads

2. From the menu option “Allow ads on platform pages to show my information to” Select “No one”

3. You may also scroll down to further select “No one” from “Show my social actions in Facebook Ads to” option as well.

Although there is seemingly no harm from allowing Facebook to use your account in their ads, but still privacy is a must. This would help those people who wish to maintain their privacy all the time.

And there is no harm in getting the publicity and that too for free!!

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