A Modern Style To Cheer Up In Free Time

Anyone can be interested in bizarre. To this extent designers are getting more desirable to draw their artistic and imaginative ideas with modern web-building technologies.

Tools like Flash, JavaScript and Papervision3D are those ones which allow designers to release out their outstanding hidden art in front of the world. Still there is a channel between straight stuff and fiction which defines the facts of existence individually.
Today we have made a collection of uttermost interesting “BIZARRE WEBSITES: A Modern Style To Cheer Up In Free Time” where you can play and turn off the time which causes a mental discomfort for you.

Neave offers an awesome experience which helps you to kill time. This website provide you an interactive tool and toys designed by Paul Neave.

It’s a Flash website which is officially created by Australian telecommunication company Optus. Here anyone can compose a song for a whale and make an orchestra for it.

Record Tripping
Record Tripping is a marvelous game flash website which is been created by Bell Brothers. Your mouse’s scroll wheel allows you to scratching a record thus you can get the answers of a series of puzzles.

Incredibox is an enjoyable time-killer for English and French web users. This website let you allow the control on beatbox or a capella band.

Google Gravity
Google Gravity will be adorable for SEO experts and probably common users won’t show much interest. You can cheer up Google’s downfall on your computer screen.

The Infinite Oz
The Infinite Oz interactive Flash animation collaboration that brings to life the world of the sci-fi miniseries events by Verizon wireless.

It is one of the most entertainer site to have a fun in spare time. Here you will get an interactive brush to exemplify a song which reacts instantly according to music.

Bio-Bak is a tremendous example of bizarre web design. You can enjoy the moves of your mouse with various awful emotions.

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