Top 5 Best Action Games

The action genre is probably the most popular one and thus it is not surprising that there are several games that caught a lot of attention. ByDways presents Top 5 Best Action Games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Another first person shooter, this title is the fourth installment in the Call of Duty series, but the first to deviate from the WWII setting of the previous games. Set in 2011, Modern Warfare follows the story of civil war in Russia after the execution of a Middle Eastern leader by a radical faction. Fighting takes place in multiple locations throughout the world, including Pripyat, Ukraine, a now-abandoned city right next door to the scene of the notorious Chernobyl disaster.

Assassin's Creed 
Some days you start out as a barman and end up confined in a top secret lab, owned by the Abstergo Corporation, which happens to be run by Templars, who apparently still exist in 2012. Desmond, the barman in question was once a member of a modern day faction of the Assassin's Brotherhood, a group that was historically at odds with the Templars. He also happens to be a descendant of one of the members of the original Brotherhood, Altair ibn La-Ahad, and using a device known as the Animus, Desmond must try to access his "genetic memories" in order to recover artifacts known as the "Pieces of Eden", which are rumored to give the possessor the power of mind-control. Naturally, the Templars want to use this power in conjunction with an orbiting satellite to enslave the entire planet. Like you do.  
Health within the game is dependent upon how accurately Desmond's memories match those of his ancestor, with damage being depicted as degrees of deviation from from the actual memory. When health is at 100%, the "eagle vision" feature becomes available, which highlights all visible characters in a given scene as either red or blue, depending on whether they are friends or foes. Utilizing elements of stealth, historical fantasy, and science fiction subgenres, Assassin's Creed is a groundbreaking series that has informed a lot of subsequent titles.  

Left 4 Dead 

The Zombie Apocalypse. A topic near and dear to my heart, and I know I am far from alone in that capacity. There is an obnoxious quantity of zombie-related games, but both of the Left 4 Dead games are particularly intriguing in that the co-op mode doesn't just involve playing together, or helping each other out. In certain instances, a player actually needs his or her co-players, like when the player respawns in a locked closet, or needs healing but is not carrying any form of medicine. Teammates can bring one another back from the brink of death with a defibrillator or lure the infected away from other teammates with a pipebomb.  
If one takes it as a foregone conclusion that the goal of a first person shooter is to simulate a situation for a player to experience, then the L4D and L4D2 are the clear leaders in the zombie category, due to the fact that players must help each other through verbal communication, strategize together, and depend upon one another, which is more challenging than it sounds. There are certainly a lot of people that hate these games for this exact reason, and while this is totally a matter of personal preference, one has to wonder how long these folks might last in a real zombie apocalypse. Not that those of us who are lucky enough to have the luxury of being gamers are probably going to be leading the Zombie Resistance when the apocalypse goes critical anyway.

Half Life 2
Gordon Freeman wakes from stasis to find that a lot has changed since he defeated Nihilanth and was subsequently plucked from Black Mesa by the G-Man. As Freeman comes to, he comes to know that the Earth has been taken over by a hostile alien civilization known as the Combine. He must pass through various Combine-operated security checkpoints to get to wherever he is going. However, before he can figure this out, he is detained by a security officer and taken to an interrogation room. The officer then reveals himself to be a former co-worker, and introduces Freeman to Alyx Vance once in the relative safety of Dr. Isaac Kleiner's Lab, where they've contracted a rudimentary teleporter to send themselves to the anti-Combine base resistance base known as Black Mesa East. Unfortunately, Dr. Kleiner has a pet headcrab named Lamarr, who interrupts the teleportation process, causing Freeman to teleport to a few open locations before landing just outside the lab. This alerts the Combine to his presence, and he must fight his way to Black Mesa East, not knowing what awaits him there. 

Far Cry 2 
This game is fairly polarizing, and I don't blame anyone who completely disagrees with me on this. I loved this game because it is beautiful to look at, and the story mode is very thought-provoking. The main character is essentially a mercenary who's been hired to help take out a war-profiteering arms dealer who's been supplying both sides of a civil conflict in eastern Africa. In gameplay, weapons degrade over time, the weather can be unpredictable, and players can get killed for doing absolutely nothing at all. 

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